Good Morning Sunshine!

It’s been a short time a started again posting blogs but it is just I have a goal to set this year. This blog apparently hasten since (featured photo), you can see a selfie?! Lols. Haha. Meeting the morning light was such a relaxing view specially when you slept consuming a lot of hours.

Processed with VSCO with h3 preset
Featured Photo – Processed with VSCO with h3 preset


“Acne and scars are visible on that picture. I don’t have a choice but to blog this. What a face though! Haha. The photo above was taken with an Iphone 5, but why it doensn’t look ghood on me though. What a Prejudice phone!!! So now, you can see my morning face having morning stars also. No doubt about that since I slept very late at night thinking and planning on how to be an effective blogger someday. Shout out to Krizea Mercadal for being my supportive mentor and manager of Kardashians.

Below are also photos taken today presenting the surrounding of our house. For your information, our house is currently located between rice fields so air here is very soothing and sometimes cold winds ruins through our houses.


Visibility of rice fields were seen though that picture above. Farmers here usually collected the ripe rice on June or July. Based on the second picture above, the vast rice fields were owned by my family. But the problem i usually encountered is that, when the farmers were getting ready for the next planting of rice seeds, it seems the smell is very bad. Specially at noon time, so as a solution, I will to the city proper and walk inside to the malls to just have a good situation. I hope that you liked this blog, thanks for viewing. God Bless us all. Ciao!

3 thoughts on “Good Morning Sunshine!

  1. Hey dear .Thanks for stopping by on my blog and giving it follow. The place in photos looks so beautiful.Which place is this ??

    Keep coming to my site to read my work. Stay Connected.


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