Out of Bounds.

Escapades today, 3rd day of the month of April was such a SMASH. Me, and my classmates, Dona Debuque and Sheba Perez just got an astonishing squad hangout, most specially, I got some and new photographs. After participating the Completion Rites practice, we journeyed our feet to McDonalds Ormoc, having a very very very light lunch, ate burger steak with a lot of creamy sauce. YUM!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset – Featured Photo


The photo above was taken at Movie House, City Lane, Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines. Photo was snapped by my ever supportive friend, Dona Jean Debuque also specially with my other friend who taught me several blogger pose, Sheba Perez. That photo was chastely snapped since a guard caught us taking photos outside a lawyer’s office knowing that the three of us were very rowdwhile taking pictures. What I liked about that photo was that my face shaped was imperfectly perfect while correlating with the background. Editing it with VSCO really made the photo stand-out. (XD).


Photos above were also snapped by @donadebuque. Pictorials were just accidentally snapped since when we went to the Movie House, no rooms were vacant, so we were issued to wait. Waiting got us like 30 minutes. Were bored already at that time so I remembered that I have to post another blog today so I told them to take photos with me and surprisingly, they agreed. All the photos snapped were all good but I chose the three (four with the featured photo) photos above since, or me, I nearly be called a actor (kidding), tbh, I can tell that my photographer and I collaborated a great outcome. I also observed that some photos taken, the lighting seems so dark and I can’t bear editing it with myself. The photos above were edited through snapseed and VSCO. Thanks a lot my friends or supporting me with this new blog. Hope that you liked this blog, God bless us all and have a nice Monday. Ciao!


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