Morning Sickness: Being Hungry.

Let me ask you a question?

Do you have any crazy food rules?

That question depicts myself from being hungry every now and then. Is being hungry a crime? Of course no. It only tells ourselves to eat so that our body’s immune system will be in a good condition. 4th day of April 2017, morning, me, myself and I just have a foodcapade or whatever we call it. Eating a very light breakfast at McDonalds Center Ormoc City was such a nice feeling. Sightseeing new, handsome and pretty faces were overwhelming. Specially when you will meet and know someone. I know my imagination sucks like a bomb. So yeah, back to the story, at 6:30 in the morning, without taking a bath, I directly went to the said fast food chain just to eat breakfast because all my family members left me with no food and allowance to hold. (huhuhu). Another thing is that, my financial state is getting lesser. What a world! Lol. So I just ordered,

Processed with VSCO with h3 preset
Featured Photo – Processed with VSCO with h3 preset     (McDonalds Cookie)

a Mcdonalds Cookie for only 35.00 pesos. So affordable isn’t it. But having a hungry, very hungry stomach rather, that cookie is just an appetizer. Mom, Dad, I need money!!!! Btw, that cookie was very delicious. I believe that the ingredients that they used were very categorized to the high class ones. On the other hand, in relation to the question given above, my answer to that question is NONE. I have no food rules. That’s crazy i you have one, sorry or all the readers who have one. I just stated my insights. Just what I have said earlier, food is everything, food is life and most specially, food is good. Back to what I’ve ate, I ordered again without knowing that money in my time now is precious.

I ordered,


McCafe, Mango Pie, and a Coke as my another drinks. For your information, I feel exhausted when I saw the total price, but, thank God I brought an exact amount o the products I have bought. In addition to that, after finishing those things, my hunger faded away. Haha. But, one problem I’ve encountered was that, my money was all spent to that fast food and I don’t have enough to pay for my transportation to my house. So the thing was, I should walk to my house, but being optimistic, I just thought that it will help me to achieve a summer body. XD.

Hope that you liked this blog. Stay connected with me for more lifestyle blogs. God Bless us All and have an awesome Tuesday. Ciao!

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