Farewell not Fare well

It’s been a long time that I haven’t posted a blog. So this is the moment that I’ll share and reminisce another story in my life. Bidding goodbyes to the people whom you love are really heart-breaking. But, one thing to be assured, “this will be not the end, but a beginning”. A beginning where memories will be treasured, laughs that be remembered, and tears that will be reminisced. There was a song that was entitled, “No more nights”. This song has a relationship to the life specially to the millennials. This song incorporated the happy moments of a certain group of friends, but, problems occurred in their lives which set all of them to be apart. Flood of tears where shed from their naked eyes. Back to our farewell party, 6th day of April 2017, laughter and jokes were freed from all of us. Wonderful moments were did. Most specially, eating will not be forgotten. So here is the photo of the Batch 2016-2017 STE Grade 10. (Not all of us were present)


On the other hand, me as a frustrated blogger (lol), can’t resist to take pictures. Operation: Modelling 101 was my major agendum yesterday. But having a supportive friends, the said agendum was achieved with poise. Haha. Sheba Perez as my oh-so-beautiful mentor and Jeash Laurenz as the photographer, modelling and blogger 101 was got. I would like to thank all of them who supported me. Specially to Alexa Doller for her oh-so-nice DSLR camera that made the pictures more vivid and awesome. Other poses were very hard to achieve specially when you are trying to surpass your laughter. XD.

Processed with VSCO
Featured Photo – Snapped by Jeash Mendez

The photo above was taken by the astonishing hotel and beach resort located in Ormoc City, Agalon Hotel and Beach Resort. It was also snapped by Jeash Mendez. Thanks to him for taking this wonderful photo. The said setting was very affordable and I assure you that you will not regret visiting and coming to this heavenly place. Having a cost of Php 85.00 is not bad after all for the entrance fee. After you paid the said fee, you are then be led by a worker to assist you whenever you will rent a cottage. There are many kinds of cottages you will see and choose. There is a tree house, standard cottage and an umbrella cottage. This costs in a range of 1,500-5000 pesos only. Regrets have no room in this place specially when your inclined with swimming and photography. The place have 3 depths of swimming pool. One has a depth of 2 feet, the other has 4 feet and the deepest has a depth of 6 feet. Assuring you that you will not regret visiting here. Enjoys moments here with your loved ones, family, friends or others. If you also loved to swim in the sea, it is only located beside the lines of the cottages, you can also experience Jetski and Kayaking. The photos below were also snapped at Agalon.

The photo above has captions so just read to understand what I am doing on that photo. Lol. You can observe that almost all of my pictures were incorporated with light colors. It is because in my instagram accout, @jijisynthesisss, I used white feed for no good reason. XD. Btw, you can follow my instagram account for more pictures and stories, personal blog. Thanks for reading blog/story. Stay connected with me for more beautiful stories. God Bless us all. Ciao.

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