Madness is Genius

It’s been a longgggggggggg longggggggggg time my friends, my readersssss. I just want to share this simple yet a wonderful celebration, a birthday celebration of my classmate, Karen Collantes. We celebrated her birthday at Sabin Resort and Hotel. Wewwww. I know that this story is not that new but i just wanted to share this to you since this event has been a part of life. (oh really?? haha lol).

So let’s go back to the story, yeah, Karen’s birthday was on December, ohhh, I can’t remember what day was that but I believe her birthdate is on December. So this event was last year. Her birthday was really fun and we also met her other friends way back when she was still studying in EVAA. Me, Clyssa, James, Paula, Paulina, Julia and of the birthday girl, Karen, just see the picture below:

Oh so now, you can see our wonderful facesss hahahaha kidding aside.

So let’s go back to the story again, before that picture happened, we gathered to our National Meeting Place, lol, Dunkin Donut. I don’t know why what is in that place because whenever we have plans to wander or something, our initial meeting place will be or forever be that said shop. (if there is really forever). In addition, so yeah, we gathered from there and the funny thing is that when we already riding in the tricycle, there’s a little boy that is requesting or asking Karen to give her letter K balloon. (that balloon was givem by her other friends and classmates from her old school) At first, I told Karen to give the balloon and Karen did. But the little boy is like not satisfied by the balloon and now asking for money, so Karen gave him again several coins and haha I told Karen to get back her balloon since it is a gift from her old classmates but the boy didn’t gave her the balloon and insisted that the balloon is already his property however, we just laughed it out and forget what happened. Moving on, when we arrived at the resort, we met her mom waiting for us and after several minutes, we ate for lunch and thennnnnnn, fastforward guys because I can’t remember the happenings. I’m so sorry haha. After we ate our lunch, we changed our clother and did our PICTORIALLLLLLLLLL!!!!So since I already placed the pictures above, just view it again and you can see our smiles we shared during that day. It is just surreal since I just met them for months and we already had this friendship and I hope this so called friendship will last. Haha. Cheers for us!And lastlyyyyyy, I’m going to share my indivual pictures. I already posted this pictures on my social media accounts,FB: Jay-r BandalanIG: Jaye_rrso I’m gonna place it here for my blog. I hope you will like it despite its flaws haha. Love you guysss. I need support lol.And that’s a wrap!So if you like this story, don’t doubt to share your thoughts by commenting below and also don’t forget to like this story and tag your friends who also experienced my story. Love you guys! Ciao.


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